Virtual Soloist Competition


VSC Results 2020


  • Elementary: Stephanie Kim
  • Junior: Ayne Park
  • Senior: Chris Boyadjiev
  • College: Joanna Kim
  • Adult: Dorothy Pan
  • Audience Favorite: Lorien Britt

Honorable Mention

  • Elementary: Yixuan Chen, Zoe Zhang
  • Junior: Michael Stoica, Lindsey Won
  • Senior: Lorien Britt, Maya Ravi
  • College: Caleb Estrada-Valentin, Natalie Trejo
  • Adult Amateur: Natalie Ramesh, Denise Roper


  • Junior: Rylan Collins, Kalin Hawk, Carissa Keng, Samuel Meyn, Elyse Nah, Ayne Park, Audrey Schmid, Michael Stoica, Lindsey Won
  • Senior: Chris Boyadjiev, Lorien Britt, Nikkie Galindo, Emily Park, Maya Ravi


  • Elementary: Clara Brouhard, Yixuan Chen, Danit Donzis, Joy Jang, Stephanie Kim, Sarah Provencio, Karli Schoonmaker, Ariana Stanfield, Mikayla Yu, Zoe Zhang
  • Junior: Kalin Hawk, Devon Chau, Carissa Keng, Daoyi Liu, Elyse Nah, Hrishi Rawat, Audrey Schmid, Michael Stoica, Leila Wald, Grace Zhou, Diya Damodaran, Rachel Horn, Rylan Collins, Chloe Levy, Daoyi Liu, Samuel Meyn, Ayne Park, Akshara Sankar, Audrey Schmid, Lindsey Won
  • Senior: Chris Boyadjiev, Nikkie Galindo, Abigail Garner, Doryann Mueller, Victoria Ng, Emily Park, Emily Paul, Viviana Pichardo, Lorien Britt, Chris Boyadjiev, Anika Christensen, Sanjana Kumar, Emily Paul, Maya Ravi, Mia Rodriguez
  • College: Caleb Estrada-Valenti­n, Natalie Trejo, Alisa Smith, Joanna Kim, Momoko Hoffman, Natalie Trejo

Virtual Soloist Competition

Have you been working hard on a solo all year only to have your contest or performance cancelled? Enter our Virtual Soloist Competition for a chance to win cash prizes! First place and honorable mentions will be awarded in each division. All participants will receive written feedback from the judges. Deadline for entry is April 30!


  • All judges’ decisions are final. 
  • All entrants will receive comment sheets from the judges.
  • First Place 
    • First Place Winners will be selected in each category. 
    • There will be one winner per category. 
    • First Place winners in each category will receive $100 and Floot Fire swag.
  • Honorable Mention
    • Honorable Mention Winners will be named in each category at the judge’s discretion.
    • There will be at least one Honorable Mention per 100 entries in each category.
    • Honorable Mention winners will receive bragging rights and Floot Fire swag.
  • Audience Favorite
    • Audience Favorite will win a Floot Fire book of your choice and Floot Fire swag.
    • Ten Audience Favorite participants will be selected at random to win Floot Fire swag.

Competition Dates

  • Competition opens March 20, 2020.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on April 30, 2020.


Students may enter the appropriate division or may choose to compete one level higher.

  • Elementary Division (6th grade or lower)
  • Junior Division (7th, 8th, or 9th grade)
  • Senior Division (10th, 11th, or 12th grade)
  • College Division (undergraduates only)
  • Adult Amateur Division (does not work as a professional musician)


  • Contestants may perform a single movement from a piece or an entire work of their choice. 
  • Recording must be 8 minutes or less. Please make cuts in your music as necessary.
  • Solos should be appropriate to the performers skill level. 


  • Accompaniment is NOT required. Students may perform works for flute with or without accompaniment. 
  • If a piece is written for flute and piano you have three options: 
    • Perform without accompaniment (please observe rests of two measures or less).
    • Perform with recorded accompaniment or SmartMusic. 
    • Perform with accompaniment (live pianist, observing appropriate social distancing practices). 
  • There is NO penalty for performing without accompaniment.

Competition Rules

  • Flutists compete in a category based on age. 
  • Flute entries only (no piccolo or low flutes).
  • Contestants must make new recordings for this competition. Do not submit videos from previous performances.
  • US residents only. 
  • Void where prohibited.
  • You may enter up to two solos. Additional fees apply.

Rules for Recording

  • At the beginning of your recording you must say: “This is my entry for the Floot Fire Virtual Soloist Competition,” followed by your name, age, and title/composer of your piece.
  • No editing! The recording must be done in one take.
  • You may use whatever device is easiest for you with the best sound quality available: phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Do not add reverb to your recording.
  • Caption your video with your name and category. Examples: Kim Clark, Elementary or Sally Smith_Junior

Recording Tips

  • Find a quiet space for your recording.
  • Please limit visual distractions such as highly decorated walls and personal items.
  • Dress nicely, you are on camera!
  • Try to get as much of your body and instrument in the frame as possible. We want to see you perform!
  • Use an external mic to improve your sound quality if possible. (not required)
  • Listen to your recording before you hit submit!

Submission Procedures 

  • Click on the green button below and fill out the application on our website.
  • Upload your video to any open source video sharing platform (Youtube, etc.). You may set your viewing options as PUBLIC or UNLISTED. Be sure that whatever setting you choose allows for a working shared link.
  • Provide a link to your video on the application. Be sure it works!!!!!
  • If possible, upload a scanned copy of the music score (the flute and piano part) to a file sharing platform (like Google Drive) and provide a link. This step is not required but helps our judges provide more thorough comments. We recommend you delete the file after the winners are announced.

Audience Favorite

Additionally, if you would like a chance to win Audience Favorite you may post your video to our Woobox contest gallery. This portion of the competition is not required; Audience Favorite is a separate honor. To participate in Audience Favorite you must first submit your solo entry on our contest website and pay all applicable fees.

How to Enter Audience Favorite *(Rules subject to change)

  • You may post directly to our contest gallery on the Floot Fire homepage.
  • You can also participate in Audience Favorite by posting your video on Instagram, Twitter , or Facebook and include the hashtags #flootfire and #flootsoloist. 
    • Instagram: 
      1. Post to your page. Your video and Instagram account must be set to PUBLIC. 
      2. You MUST include both of these hashtags to be eligible #flootfire #flootsoloist
    • Twitter: 
      1. Post to your page. Your video and Instagram account must be set to PUBLIC. 
      2. You MUST include both of these hashtags to be eligible #flootfire #flootsoloist
    • Facebook: 
      1. Post your entry to the Floot Fire page
      2. You MUST include both of these hashtags to be eligible #flootfire #flootsoloist

Voting for Audience Favorite *(Rules subject to change)

  • Voting occurs at our Woobox contest gallery
  • You can share your unique video code on your social media pages. 
  • The video with the most likes wins!
  • Only one vote per IP address.


  • Entry Fee: $25 per solo
  • No refunds will be offered after an application has been submitted.